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The most prestigious Formula 1 stables and Rally teams rely on Novintec for the supply of various components and filters.

We have built our reputation on reliable quality, rapid and innovative responses to our customers whether for engines, transmission, or suspension and fuel systems.

High end filters and components to accomadate the performances of our customers

We bring our customers innovative and efficient solutions by providing our teams with the necessary tools to allow for responsiveness and reliability. Our strategy includes a continuous improvement of our operational performances:

  • Research & Development department uses their own test benches, calculation and fluid analysis softwares, and particle counting machines
  • For the reliability of its products Novintec uses automated manufaturing tools (CAD, CFAO, CAPM, digital machines, etc…)
  • Novintec uses environmentally controlled clean rooms to allow clean assembly solutions and ensure the reliability of its products
For a shortest lead time Novintec includes on the same site:
Sales department,
Design office and R&D to anticipate customers’ needs
Manufacturing, machining, assembly
Tests, control and validation
Some of our products include:
Strainers, filtration fittings, flat or pleated discs with and without rims, etc…
Filtration manifolds with valves and clogging indicators
Visual and/or electrical clogging indicators
Oil sight glasses,
Magnetic plugs, filling/draining plugs,
Valves (check valves, relief valves, drain valves, ventilation valves, etc…)
Fuel injectors

Novintec attends for nationals, European and World championship: formula 1, WRC, endurance, race, moto GP, karting speedboat and others… Novintec products are custom-made to accomodate our customers’ high quality and performances requirements  for pneumatic distribution, hydraulic unit, fuel, engine oil, gear box oil, power steering applications.

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